Shopping in China

Where to buy cheap and reasonable quality stuff in China through the internet?  Check out the following online shopping websites recommended by Rong.

Everyone in China knows Taobao and it sells everything.
“Chinese eBay” Set up in 2003, Taobao is the biggest online shopping platform in China, accounting for over 80% of domestic online business. Most shop owners are individuals, however, more and more big-brands are opening their official shops on Taobao Mall (Tmall).
The nasty part is everything is in Chinese and most of the owners can’t chat with you in other language than Chinese. Maybe this could be a motivation for some of you to learn Chinese .Or you can view online shopping taobao english-Agreetao.

How to use taobao?
1. Set up an account.  An email address would be required.
2. Search items. Type in things you want to buy in the searching bar either in characters or pinyin (yes, you can use pinyin as well!!!).
You can set some search requirements as well, such as arrange the items bases on price or popularity, choose the places where the shop is located ( this affects the delivery time)
3. Purchase. You don’t have to bargain over Taobao. Once you see something you want, just click the “buy” button.Then you need to fill in your address and contacts.
4. Pay. The payment part is the most complicated: you need to have a Chinese bank account and make sure it has the online payment service. Then you need to set up an Alipay account (like “paypal”, but completely FREE!!! So much better). The fascinating part is almost all the online shopping websites can be paid through Alipay afterwards.

If u want to buy books…
1. Dangdang  is “Chinese version of Amazon” .You can find almost every book published within 30 years in Mainland China on Dangdang and with a discount. The best part is no delivery fee is charged once your purchase is over 29 RMB(4.75USD) and also you can choose to pay when goods are delivered.

2. Kongfuzi
As the biggest second-hand Chinese book online platform, it’s the best place for you to find an ancient or limited-edition book. Most of the bookstores are owned by private owners, therefore sometimes the delivery fee can be a bit expensive.

3. Taobao
You can find a lot of Ebooks (especially English ones or acedemic ones ) on Taobao for about 5 RMB (82cents) per one. I don’t think they have the digital copyrights, but it is so cheap that it’s hard not to be tempted. And sometime it’s the only fast way you can get a book for your thesis.

Online Shopping Taobao English

How To Choose Your Running Shoes

Whether you’re an Olympic competitor or an occasional asphalt pounder, happy feet can make a huge difference. For most runners, choosing the right running shoes is similar to acquiring a house or a car; you’re going to invest a ton of time in them, so you need something you truly like. In addition to a comfortable ride, shoes can play a huge role in keeping you strong and healthy.
My Story With Running Shoes

The first time I searched for a pair of running shoes for my first halfmarathon I failed to make the right decision. I’m a slight over pronator and I bought a pair of running shoes for supinators. I didn’t know “the theory” and, most importantly, I didn’t know how to choose the right running shoes for me.

You are most likely to be like me. I’m the kind of guy who wants everything to be just fine and can’t sit and relax until he knows everything is in order. So I did some research.

Running shoes are, without a doubt, the foremost vital piece of kit that any runner – whether or not they are simply taking their first steps into the sport or whether they are seasoned athletes – can buy. Choosing the proper running shoes can make the difference between having a great experience or a crappy one.

Shoe technology has changed and improved dramatically during the last decades: nowadays, there are taobao sports shoes for every foot type, every running style and every environment. There are women-specific shoes, shoes for incresing the pace – there are even shoes specific to different kinds of pavements/bitumen.

Pronation Explained

The term ‘pronation‘ is pretty talked over in any conversation about buying running shoes. Pronation is the rolling of the foot from heel to toe through the foot strike. Pronation is actually a good thing because it helps your feet absorb the shock. But the excessive pronation can cause increased injury risks. That’s called over-pronation, and the answer to it is choosing a running shoe with gomotion/move control.
Supination Explained

A much less frequent problem is supination. Runners who do this tend to have inflexible feet (and, often, high arches, too) and when they land, their feet don’t make much of a turning-in move. The result is a lot of pounding force and they need a shoe with plenty of cushioning or support in order to absorb the shock.

Once you’ve established what type of shoe you’ll need, it all gets to choosing a brand. You may have a personal favourite, but it‘s worth keeping an open mind about your shoe choice because there are different technologies and they just fit differently on your feet. You have to be open minded to make the right decision.

You Have to Experiment

Many runners experiment with different brands and models until they find just the light ?t. Ultimately, a proper ?t is the most important step in finding the right running shoe. A shoe that fits is going to protect enough, but it won’t be too tight.

Enough with the talking, let’s see which are the most important parts in choosing the perfect running shoes.

How Much Should You Expect To Pay for Running Shoes?

Only a few runners need the most expensive running shoes available on the market – the pros. But I have good news for you. The more efficient a runner you are, the less probable you may to need all the sustain and guidance features of the trendy new shoes.

At the highest end of the pyramid, shoes are probable to be within the $200-400 group; a mid-price shoe will be $100-200; and therefore the cheapest, under $80 – of course, if you don’t necessarily want this season’s colours and trends. If you’re willing to wear last year’s model, there are a number of retailers who sell discounted versions of what is, essentially, the same shoe.

Companies tend to tweak their shoe ranges twice a year. It’s actually a bit like buying a car or smartphone – if you want the most recent model, you’ll pay the highest price; if you’re willing to go for something that’s been available for longer, you could get a true discount.

Something About China property bonds

To many global investors, bonds from China’s property sector are toxic nuclear waste, not to be touched at any cost. To others, they come with a more pragmatic “handle with care” warning. I belong to the latter camp.

From just a handful of bonds 10 years ago, the sector has grown to contribute 9.5% of the Asian US dollar bond market with US$51bn of bonds trading. That is nearly a third of all high-yield corporate bonds in the region.

Over this period, the sector has gone through three cycles of downturns and upturns. Several Chinese property companies have issued, redeemed and refinanced their offshore bonds. Companies with credit ratings ranging from Single A to Triple C have managed to issue bonds, which chinese trade credit actively in the secondary market. Yet, a feeling of unease persists.

Perhaps the first source of discomfort is the fact that offshore Chinese property bonds are deeply subordinated, since they are issued by offshore-incorporated entities, which inject the bond proceeds as equity into their onshore companies and service their debt only out of equity dividends received back from the mainland. The difficulties in repatriating equity funds out of China mean that the offshore principal effectively has to be refinanced. In case of bankruptcy, the onshore lenders have the first claim over the onshore assets.

While this structural weakness is undoubtedly true, it applies to every other bond issued by Chinese businesses, including investment-grade bonds far beyond the property sector, since the structure was born out of regulations prohibiting the issuance of debt or guarantees by mainland companies. (Only recently have the authorities begun to relax this prohibition, and the first few offshore bonds are now coming out with direct guarantees from mainland operating companies.)

ANOTHER SOURCE OF discomfort is the government’s meddling in the property sector through various measures, including the flow of credit to the builders, rules for financing land purchases, obtaining mortgages, and mortgage down-payment requirements. The harshest controls came in 2010 when the government restricted the number of apartments that an individual could purchase.

Property prices are a sensitive subject everywhere, and China is no exception. The government presses the brakes if the prices are speeding too fast and pushes the accelerator if property construction flags too much so as to threaten the overall economic growth.

This government intervention makes asset values volatile in both equity and debt markets, and raises the cost of capital to the sector.

Some investors have also been scared away by stories of oversupply and ghost cities. The property development business model, by definition, consists of a long operating cycle, and there may be genuine demand/supply imbalances, as in any other industry, but the overwhelming majority of Chinese properties are built in response to actual demand from a rapidly urbanising population. The same goes for talk of speculative buying, when the reality is that most of the properties are bought for self-occupation. Buyers have to put up a minimum 30% down-payment, they are not over-leveraged and there is no subprime lending.

WHEN IT COMES to investing in Chinese property bonds, one should realise that there has already been one level of filtering – only those companies large enough to go through a rating process and the expense of issuing offshore actually end up selling dollar bonds. They are all listed offshore, most of them in Hong Kong, and are subject to audits and disclosures that go with the listing status. The additional scrutiny from equity analysts and investors that comes with listing also offers additional information for bond investors.

There has not been a single default in the sector so far, and only two distressed exchanges in 2009, both at 80 cents to the dollar. Some companies did go through financial distress during previous sector downturns, but they managed to sell land or unfinished projects to stronger players and stave off default.

This is not to argue that we would never see a default in the sector. We will, sooner or later. But the sector has genuine fundamentals, strong and weak players, and saleable assets that can be realised in times of distress.

So, how should one approach investments in Chinese property bonds? First of all, investors need to be prepared for the volatility that comes with the regulatory changes. Any crash in value following a regulatory tightening offers an opportunity to pick up the higher-quality bonds at more attractive prices. In fact, such moves also enable the stronger players to buy out the weaker ones or to acquire assets from the struggling players, and increase their market share.

The current downturn in the market is no different. It is true that the stock of unsold property is running above average; that the leverage has increased in the last 12-18 months in response to slowing sales; that margins are under pressure due to the pressure to liquidate stock; and that some of the weaker companies are likely to experience a liquidity crunch in the next 12-18 months, unless they slow down their expansion. But the current downturn is also an opportunity to pick up bonds issued by stronger companies, which will benefit from the tight conditions in the sector. The challenge is reading the credit fundamentals carefully enough to identify the winners.

Several Simple Ways to Verify Chinese Suppliers

One difficult task to do when sourcing in China is trying to verify the suppliers. For small and medium sized buyers, many of them can’t come to China to visit the supplier on the ground and face to face, so they could either use a third party verification service (such as Chinawhy) or do the verification themselves, using the following simple tips:

1. Check the bank account

If your suppliers have a foreign currency company account to accept your payment, and the bank account is opened in one of the state-run banks (Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Communications and China Construction Bank), this is positive. As we know, only companies with an import and export license can apply for a foreign currency company account in the state-run banks.

If your supplier doesn’t have an import and export license, they won’t have a foreign currency company account. But they should have an RMB company account in a Chinese bank. As foreign buyers, you can’t send RMB to China, but you could ask your agent in China to send a sample fee to their bank account to test if their RMB company account is real.

2. Be cautious of shell companies

When you see Hong Kong companies on Alibaba, with contact information in Shenzhen or Guangdong province (the address is in Shenzhen and/or the phone number start with 0755, not 852), that is a shell company, be cautious.

3. Secrets in the company name

If you see a company with “trading” or “trade” in its name, then it is obviously a trading company, not a factory.

If a company has “group” in its name, then it is a big corporate. So if you are small buyers, keep away from them.

According to Chinese law, all Chinese companies should add the geographical location in the company name. The geographical location is related with registered capital. In our province (Zhejiang), for registered capital less than 2 million RMB, you can’t use the prefecture-level cities in your name (for example, if a factory is in Ninghai county, Ningbo city, Zhejiang province, China).

Judging by the company name, you can tell the company size (or at least the registered capital):

China Mobile Limited (huge size)
Jiaoguang Group (big corporate)
Zhejiang XXX Co., Ltd. (big company but smaller than group company)
Ningbo XXX Co., Ltd. (decent company)
Ninghai XXX Co., Ltd. (ordinary or small size)

More imformation about verify chinese company,you can view Cnbizsearch:

verify company in china

Tips to ensure safe online shopping

I am writing this because I need a refresher course in how to shop online. I recently made some mistakes. I was in a hurry, and my credit card information was stolen. It’s embarrassing when the bank calls, asking if I really want a paid subscription to a Web site of ill repute.

The bank closed the account and sent me a new credit card, no big deal. Or so I thought. I managed to forget about the monthly charges associated with the card. Enlightenment came when I received a call from my YMCA representative. She wanted to know why the charges were not going through. Oops.

Recently, I’ve been writing quite a bit about debit/credit card scams. So it seemed like a good idea to cover the risks of online shopping taobao english and share what I learned from my research and my real-world teaching moment.

1: Use a credit card provider that offers one-time credit card numbers

This is where I got sloppy. I normally use a credit card provider that offers one-time numbers. But I was in a hurry and didn’t. What I gained at the moment was lost times 10 when I had to clean up my mess. Using my one-time credit card number would have removed any possibility of someone reusing the stolen information.

2: Make sure the Web site is valid and trustworthy

I recently wrote a piece on Blackhat SEO and how criminals are subverting real Web sites with malware or creating believable copies of real Web sites loaded with malware. I suggest using one or more of the site-rating Web-browser extensions. If the site is problematic, you will know.

Some of the better-known extensions are Web of Trust, LinkExtend, and McAfee SiteAdvisor. You also have the option to check questionable domains on the extension developer’s Web site.

3: Check to see whether the Internet connection is secure

This may seem obvious, but people get lulled into complacency. I have to remind myself to double-check that a closed padlock is displayed, that https is used, and that the certificate is valid — ideally, an EV certificate. Each Web browser uses a slightly different approach, so make sure you understand how your browser advertises secure Internet connections.

4: Beware of deceptive or disguised offers

Last year, I wrote an article about coupon-click fraud and how people were unknowingly signing up for programs or offers they did not want. When you’re filling out the information required to make an online purchase, carefully read what all the check boxes represent, regardless of whether they’re selected. Opt-in and opt-out wording may be interchanged.

5: If actively shopping on the Internet, check often for unusual debit/credit card transactions

This tip is important. In almost all cases, discovering fraudulent charges early will lessen the impact of the problem. In fact, financial institutions usually absorb the charges if they’re reported within a few days. So check often and know the liability limits used by your debit/credit card provider.

Extra tip: Call the order in if there is any doubt

Sounds simple enough, but many people don’t think of it. If I have any concerns at all, I will call the order in. The company may still have problems, but you don’t have to worry about its Web site being malicious or phishing for your financial information.

Background check Chinese company

A new online service allows businesses to verify Chinese companies affordably. ‘China Checkup’ is an initiative of Matt Slater and makes official registration checks on Chinese companies accessible to businesses around the world.

For many countries China is a very important import and export destination. Obtaining background information is an important step in making informed decisions and doing business safely in China. It can also help you to avoid becoming a part of China’s booming fraud industry.

Matt Slater started his China business consulting company 2 years ago, and he is doing things differently to the rest. ‘China Checkup’ lets customers verify company in china online from just 49 USD. The whole process takes place via a secure online payments system. The new service has already received a very positive feedback from the market.

“There needs to be an affordable and streamlined way to obtain this information, which more and more companies require. This is what we hope to provide through China Checkup,” Mr Slater says.

Tips – How to avoid problems

Mr Slater also gave some recommendations for avoiding problems when doing business with Chinese companies:

1. Have a contract, and translate it into Chinese. The value of a clear contract isn’t just to have something to fall back on if disputes arise. It also ensures that both parties are on the same page.

2. Make it very clear that you’re serious about the relationship. Demonstrating commitment to the deal and its results from the start will serve to put off potential low-quality companies, and give high-quality companies the confidence to move forwards with you and your company. Make it clear from the beginning that you will be carrying out background checks, audits and quality inspections.

3. Take responsibility for quality. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the other party will ‘fill in the gaps’ or handle any oversights not fully specified. Assume that it’s your responsibility to clearly and completely communicate your expectations.

4. Documents can be faked.  Take the view that documentation you are shown is meaningless until you can independently verify it through background checks and confirmations with the issuing authority.

5. Also remember that you get what you pay for. Some people doing business with Chinese companies think that the usual relationship between cost and quality doesn’t apply in China. This leads to deals going bad. China may be cheaper in general, but there is certainly a limit to this. Recognise that the other party also needs to make a fair profit; if you drive prices down too far, quality will inevitably be affected.

verify company in china

The key benefits of an electric scooter

If you have ever wondered about what an electric scooter could do for you, then this is the right place for you. As cities continue to get more congested and roads are being turned into one stop places for angry and frustrated drivers, the time is right for people to venture into other modes of personal transport. One of the most popular modes of personal transport for people working in the city happens to be the electric scooter. The following are the reasons why you should also consider buying one right now:

Low cost driving

One of the key advantages of the electric scooter is the fact that it uses electricity instead of fossil fuel like petrol, which tends to be more expensive. You will therefore find yourself saving a lot of money that can then go to other aspects and areas of your life. This will allow you to enjoy your salary more. For instance, your savings could go towards preparing for retirement, or for buying something else that you have desired for a long time. This low cost driving benefit will definitely appeal to the many people who want to manage their budget and free up funds for other types of spending.

It is environmentally friendly

One of the other key advantages about this type of scooter is the fact that it does not pollute the environment as compared to other modes of transport. If you are worried about your rapidly expanding carbon footprint and want to whittle it down to a tiny fraction of what it is right now, then the cheap electric scooter is your way of getting there faster than you ever imagined. It will certainly boost your peace of mind while also contributing to a better atmosphere in your city.

Stress free commute

With such a scooter, you will be able to maneuver easily through crowded areas, thus eliminating one of the many stress points that makes people angry and frustrated by the time they make it home at the end of the day. Guess what? This electric scooter is available on, the most reputable online shop to get cheap electric unicycles.

How To Choose The Right Taobao Agent

There has an ecommerce platform in China, more than 50,000 pieces of merchandises are sold in every minute. It Called Taobao. Taobao changes the shopping habit of younger generation even brings a hit of ecommerce in China. With the reputation widely known abroad, many foreigners take eyes on it and want to learn how to shopping in taobao. If you insist to shop by youself you can visit my other post about How To Shop From China Platform.

People in China love to shop in Taobao and recently many shoppers outside China also found shopping in Taobao is very interesting. But for most of them, they can’t directly buy from Taobao, because it require you to have a Chinese bank account for the payment and also most sellers in Taobao don’t know much English and are unwilling to ship their products oversea. At this moment Taobao Agent is providing services to foreigner outside China, assisting them to shop from Taobao.

The business model for Taobao Agents is like this. Foreign shoppers select products in Taobao then entrust Taobao Agents to shop for them. Taobao Agents will buy the items from Taobao to their own warehouse and then ship them out to foreign shoppers. They usually charge 10% of (item price + domestic shipping fee) as their service fee.

If you search the key word Taotao Agent in Google, tons of websites are provide this kind of service. As how to select a good agent, I think most people are very confused. If you’re one of them and you’re really interested in buying from Taobao, I strongly suggest you do some research on what’s Taobao or you’ll be easily fooled by some Taobao Agents. I sorted out some standards to judge whether a Taobao Agent is reliable.

Product Price Between Taobao and Agent’s Website

Taobao open API to all of its products data, including price, size, stock amount, color and etc. Since Taobao doesn’t have a English version, most agents collect this API data and use Google translation to translate them into English. Agents are charging you service fee basing original the price in Taobao, they should showing the proper USD price to you. If they increase the price without reasonable reason, think twice before using their service.

For some situation, price not matching with Taobao is acceptable. Such as items in Taobao are on sales, therefore the prices on Taobao are much cheaper than before. This often happens in Taobao and a good Taobao should explain this to their clients allow them to modify the price according to the discounted price. But as I observed many agents don’t mention this and charge their client for the price before discount while shop the item at discount price.

International Shipping Fee

International shipping fee is very expensive and you should check your shipping fee before purchase everything in Taobao. The most prevalent shipping method for Agents is EMS, because it can ship items that are not allowed by others and cover wide range of area. The followings are DHL, Fedex, UPS and TNT. For small parcel no heavier than 1kg, they usually use China Post Air Mail.

Very important: It’s way too expensive to use these international express delivery without discount! In fact Agents in China can get discount from logistic companies and the usually it’s 40% off, which is the standard within in this industry. You can totally disregard those who don’t offer you any discount. (P.S. China post Air Mail doesn’t offer discount, it’s very cheap but takes very long time compared to others.)

Make sure you can find their international shipping fee information in their website. Those who hide this shipping fee or unwilling to make it clear to clients are not considered to be honest. A good Agent should tell their clients how much it cost in shipping before they make a decision in purchasing.

Service Fee and Minimum Charge

I don’t who make this fixed but service fee for Agent are set to be 10% of (product price + domestic shipping fee). It sounds reasonable considering all the service agents provide to you. Some agents will charge will 5% of (product price + domestic shipping fee + international shipping fee). In most cases, international shipping fee is not less than product price, so personally I prefer this first one.

Minimum charge in service fee is around 5 to 8USD, that’s to say if you purchase less than 50USD, you still have to pay them 5USD service fee. This police encourage people to shop multiple items and in most cases people will do so. Because price in Taobao are very low and buying big quantity will lower the average shipping cost for each items. But if Agents require more than 8USD, you’d better give yourself a convincing reason to use their service.

Exchange Rate and Payment Transfer Fee

Exchange rate fluctuates all the time and most agent usually set it to a fixed rate. If you think their fixed exchange rate is not acceptable to you, you’d better switch to another agent.

Most agent use Paypal, Credit Card, Western Union, T/T, Webmoney as the payment method. For each type of payment method, there’s transaction fee charging the receiver and agents will charge you on this. You can check the transaction fee for your payment method and see the agent is charging you reasonable or not.

Professionalism in Website Design and Function

Entrusting Agents to shop for can be very risky. Do you know exactly who you’re entrusting to? I highly don’t recommend you to ask an individual to do the job for you, unless you know him/her personally. It requires revolving fund, time and energy for Agents to run their business. If the agent is just doing part time, you will probably get slow response, poor quality control or even lost contact forever.

But how can you tell this website is run by a reliable company or part-time individual? We can judge this by Professionalism in website design and function. There’re many website templates out there for free. Just a few dollars everyone can build up a website in a minute. But the design and functions are not up to expectation. Especially the functions, it would be very simple and of poor user experience. A professional Agents website would cost 5000USD to be customized-made. Agents who are willing to spend this money are very likely to treat this business seriously and in most of the cases, they’re an organized team or company. It provides a very good judging standard in choosing an Agent.

Taobao Agent Select
If you want to use taobao agent to shop in China, a right selection is very improtant.
First, you should know how power the agent company is. like how big warehouse they have.
Second, you should know how frequency they are shipping.
Third, we should know how much you should pay for taobao agent as service fee.

Anyway, shopping in taobao is not a hard work, but need a little research. If you have some friends in China, that would be the best way for you to shop from taobao.

Pearls of wisdom

Nobody can deny that pearls are beautiful and can be used in jewellery to make stunning creations. But how much do we actually know about them? Apparently there are as many as 17 different types of pearls and these fall into three main categories – natural, cultured and imitation.

Natural pearls are very rare these days due to over harvesting in the past. For them to be formed requires a unique set of circumstances. They are formed inside molluscs, moist commonly oysters and mussels. The process begins when an irritant gets inside the shell. This could be something as small as a tiny grain of sand or little stone. In order to protect the surface inside the mollusc a secretion known as nacre is secreted around the irritant. Layer upon layer of this lustrous substance builds up and so the pearl is formed. This rather amazingly can take up to seven or eight years.

Taobao natural pearls for sale:

Although there is variation amongst the species as few as one in every thousand oysters or mussels might contain a pearl. And out of these only a few will be of the right quality and texture. In terms of quantity, around three tons of oysters might only produce 3 or 4 perfect pearls. The most valuable pearls are perfectly symmetrical, relatively large and produced naturally. They shine and shimmer and have an iridescence known as orient lustre. The main oyster beds lie in the Persian Gulf, along the coasts of India and Sri Lanka, and in the Red Sea. Chinese pearls come mainly from freshwater rivers and ponds, whereas Japanese pearls are found near the coast in salt water. Freshwater pearls also occur in the rivers of Scotland, Ireland, France, and Austria. The different locations and types of water where the molluscs are found produce local variations in colour, ranging from white, to those with a hint of colour, often pink, to brown or black.

Cultured pearls as the name suggests are cultivated by human intervention. Foreign material serving the same purpose as the irritant in natural pearls, is implanted inside the mollusc. It takes 2 – 4 years for the pearls to be created in saltwater and 2 – 7 years for freshwater pearls. Either way it’s not a speedy process but perfection cannot be hurried. This method was first used in 1893. Saltwater pearls are created in a number of different colours including pink, blue, black, green and white. However to complete the perfect necklace matching colours, shades and pearl sizes can actually take years, which is why they are so expensive and highly sought after. The only way to distinguish natural pearls from cultured pearls is by the use of an x-ray. The coasts of Polynesia and Australia produce mainly cultured pearls.

Imitation pearls are man-made objects designed to look like real pearls. They can be made from a variety of materials including glass, plastic and even small pieces of mollusc shell and a number of methods are used. Coating beads with a pearlescent type substance helps to imitate the iridescence of nacre. However they can easily be identified as imitation as they lose their lustre very quickly. They are of no monetary value.

Taobao Online Shopping Festival 11.11!

Are you ready for NO.1 event of this year in the world of internet shopping?

Attention of modern progressive society was absorbed by the upcoming event in the world of online shopping! If you do not understand, what we are talking about, we remind you that November 11 there will be annual sales festival – 11.11 on Taobao! You can view taobao english site at Agreetao:

The practice of previous years shows that with each next 11.11, Taobao shops increase numbers of promotional items and the size of the discount. Whole 24 hours there will be discounts up to 90% for goods of all categories! It looks like 11.11.2016 sellers will be paying customers for purchases. =)

They say, that this year so powerful sales are expected  that even judges of the Guinness Book of Records were invited, in order to check  the sales numbers. It is also known, that in 2013 Taobao turnover exceeded $ 10 billion that day! Can you imagine that?!

And now you can try to imagine, what awaits us this year! It is understood, that event like this can’t be missed!

Since the grand sale lasts exactly 24 hours (from 00:00 to 23:59 by Beijing time), we recommend you to prepare in advance, to form your orders in advance so you save your time, because the biggest discounts will  be active exactly in that period. Taking care of our customers, we have specially prepared links where you can find the promotional items! Have a lucky purchases with Taobao FOCUS!