Fashion Hair Braid Cola

Published June 1, 2015 by gridsolarsystem

    Hola, tanto tiempo sin verte! Esta vez quiero presentarles a un menos familiar–una peluca!

    Puede ser por varios los motivos para que necesitemos una peluca, desde una falta leve de cabello, que suframos algún tipo de alopecia o bien por algún tratamiento médico como pueda ser un tratamiento de quimioterapia.

    Pero llegados a ese momento, ?qué peluca debemos elegir? Si necesitas comprar una peluca, esta será la primera pregunta que te harás, y es que realmente hay diferentes tipo de pelucas para cada tipo de necesidad.

    En el mercado actual, tenemos a grandes rasgos dos tipos de pelucas, las pelucas de cabello natural y las pelucas de cabello sintético, y al contrario de lo que pueda pensar mucha gente, no unas por ser de cabello natural son mejores que las que puedan ser de cabello sintético, ya que en algunos casos podría ser al revés, porque no es solo el tipo de cabello sino también los acabados en la parte interior que pueda tener cada peluca, o las ventajas o desventajas que puede tener un tipo de cabello u otro.

    Según cada necesidad, necesitaremos un tipo de peluca, ya que para cada persona y necesidad existe un tipo de peluca, porque no es lo mismo usar peluca por algún tipo de alopecia donde quizás deberemos llevar siempre una peluca, que un tratamiento médico, como pueda ser la quimioterapia, donde llevaremos peluca de forma temporal durante unos meses.

    Las pelucas realizan en muchos de los casos una función importantísima. Hay personas que por diferentes motivos es más aconsejable adquirir una peluca que una prótesis capilar, las pelucas no tienen las mismas características que las prótesis capilares pero resultan más económicas y en algunos casos es la mejor opción. DHgate dispone de un gran stock de pelucas en varios modelos, colores y unos cortes muy actuales.

    Las pelucas pueden ser de cabello natural o de cabello sintético, como bien explicábamos anteriormente, también es muy importante el estilo de confección en la parte interior de la peluca, ya que estas pueden ser confeccionadas a máquina, a máquina con mono part o a máquina con monofilamento frontal y acabados con Lace front, siendo estas las que obtienen un resultado de más naturalidad.

Spartanics Unveils New Laser Technology

Published August 29, 2013 by gridsolarsystem

Laser cutting machinery leaders, Spartanics, will be showcasing their in-line and offline laser cutting solutions at the 2013 Labelexpo Europe Show in Brussels. Spartanics (Stand #9G38), celebrating 50 years manufacturing die cutting systems, is anticipating their biggest presence yet in Europe with a new technology unveiling.

Mike Bacon VP of Sales and Marketing says, “Laser die cutting is gaining momentum in the label market and we feel that offering a variety of solutions is key to technology acceptance. By showcasing laser capabilities and educating the label market on certified materials for laser cutting, we feel that attendees will walk away from the show better informed.”

Spartanics will showcase two of their latest innovations for the label, packaging and converting markets; the Spartanics L350 Laser Cutting Machine and the NW140 UV Inkjet Digital Narrow Web Press. The Spartanics L350 is a modernized laser cutting system that can cut configurations on the fly with speeds up to 100+ meters per minute. One of the most fascinating capabilities of this cutting edge technology is the amount of flexibility it offers to the market through converting options, such as: UV Coating, Rotary Die Cutting Station, Rotary Sheeting, Hot Stamping, Lamination, Knife Slitting and more. The L350 is also equipped with Spartanics Optimization Software and XY registration, as well as, bar code automatic changeover capabilities.

The NW140 UV Inkjet Digital Narrow Web Press powered by JETInx will also be showcased in the Spartanics Stand (#9G38). This system offers an all in one solution for today’s print and label converters. It comes equipped with XAAR 1001 Print heads that offer 6 channel print modes, including: White, CMYK and Clear Varnish. The affordable NW140 prints jobs in line with the Spartanics X140 Laser Cutting Station. This system comes complete with low heat UV LED Pinning and Curing lamps, as well as, environmentally friendly inks.

Spartanics laser cutting technology will also be featured in the Durst Stand #9H57. Durst and Spartanics have integrated their expertise and technology to engineer one of the finest additions to the market; the Durst Tau 330 UV Inkjet Digital Label Press with In-Line Laser Finishing System LFS 330 and it will be unveiled at the 2013 Labelexpo Europe Show! This advanced technology is able to operate as a fully integrated in line solution, as well as, an offline system. The Durst Tau 330 UV Inkjet Digital Label Press is capable of printing at excessive speeds of 157 linear feet per minute and offers flexible converting options.

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Fastest man-made spinning object clocks

Published August 29, 2013 by gridsolarsystem

Those who tend to get motion sick may want to refrain from imagining how fast 600 million revolutions per minute is.

Because that’s exactly the rotational speed scientists at Scotland’s University of St. Andrews achieved with a man-made microscopic sphere of calcium carbonate basically for the sole purpose of observing what would happen at such a speed. The results were published in Nature Communications on Wednesday.

For reference, 600 million revolutions per minute happens to be 500,000 times faster than a standard washing machine, and 300,000 times faster than a standard car engine.

The ultimate goal, put scientifically, was to test what happens when physical objects of millions of atoms — not simply singular atoms or molecules — are pushed to extreme, never-before-achieved conditions in situations bordering the boundaries between classic and quantum physics.

In this case, the microscopic sphere — measuring four millionths of a meter in diameter — was held in place within a vacuum with tiny pulses of laser light that were exploited, thanks to the concept of polarization, as the light passed through the object to exert torque.

The fast-moving sphere acted in essence like a miniature gyroscope, stabilizing around the axis of rotation and picking up speed until it hit a limit of 600 million revolutions per minute and appeared to vanish, said the BBC’s Pallab Ghosh.

It’s unclear to the scientists what happened to the object or why it hit that limit. The phenomenon may in fact be a previously unrecorded event, though the next step is to follow up on the findings and investigate the nature of the phenomenon to be certain.

“In addition to the exciting fundamental physics aspects, this experiment will allow us to probe the nature of friction in very small systems, which has relevance to the next generation of microscopic devices,” professor Kishan Dholakia of the research team told the BBC. “And it’s always good to hold a ‘world record’ — even if for only a while.”

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The new 64oz Copper Brown Growler

Published August 28, 2013 by gridsolarsystem

In response to popular consumer and brewery demand, Hydro Flask, the award-winning leader in high-performance, insulated stainless steel flasks, has announced the release of its new Copper Brown Growler to be available in select brewery and retail locations across the country and online.

The new 64oz Copper Brown Growler will be added to the existing growler lineup with the Classic Stainless finish and Black Butte powder coat finish. The Copper Brown Growler is made with the same double wall vacuum insulation as all Hydro Flask bottles, which keeps cold liquids icy cold up to 24 hours and hot liquids piping hot up to 12. The new Copper Brown Growler is also made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

“We are really excited about the new Copper Brown Growler, which has already generated significant interest within the beer industry and at tradeshows across the country,” said Andi Manies, Hydro Flask Product Manager. “Our brewery partners and customers are excited that we will be offering them another premium product in an incredibly popular color.”

Customizable with both laser engraving and screen printing, the growler has an MSRP of $49.99 and will be available at select retailers across the country and online by August 27, 2013.

“We have been hearing from breweries that they want even more Hydro Flask products in their lineup, and they are thrilled that there will be a new Copper Brown Growler in the mix,” said Chrislan Ceramics Co-Founder Al Laninga.

Chrislan is the exclusive distributor of Hydro Flask growlers and flasks to the brewery and wine markets. “Hydro Flask is a premium product that continues to impress breweries and customers across the country with its food grade, stainless steel, BPA-free, durable and sweet proof growlers,” said Laninga.

About Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask began in the summer of 2009 with an epiphany on a Hawaiian beach, and became a reality in beautiful Bend, Oregon, one of the country’s premiere outdoor playgrounds. The company’s mission today is to save the world from lukewarm beverages.

Hydro Flask is now the award-winning* leader in high-performance, insulated stainless steel flasks and has recently expanded into the food and beverage industry with its food flasks and industry-first and only double wall vacuum insulted 64oz growlers. Using only high-quality 18/8 stainless steel, Hydro Flask delivers what people on the go have been looking for: a durable flask that keeps hots hot, colds cold, is stylish, 100% recyclable and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Backsourcing laser material processing

Published August 28, 2013 by gridsolarsystem

Bernhard Fischbacher, Tobias Telser, and Paul Heilmann, the managing directors of DHF Precision Mechanics GmbH, were visiting a fair to catch up on laser marking systems. While visiting the Rofin-Baasel exhibit, they were invited to take a seat in front of the manual laser welding system to weld some parts by themselves, an experience that caused the three DHF managers to re-think their investment agenda.

Today, two years later, DHF uses laser material processing to manufacture Brainlab’s DASH, among others. It is an intra-surgical navigation system for knee endoprothesis, which relies on an iPod touch for analysis, planning, and exact positioning of cutting tools.

Headquartered in Ostermünchen near Munich (Fig. 1), DHF Precision Mechanics counts among its customers well-known medical device, electronics, and aerospace engineering companies. The company specializes in high-precision CNC-milled parts and assemblies. After 15 years of virtually continuous growth, the company now operates 18 CNC machining centers and offers a service portfolio ranging from prototype manufacturing to bulk production of several 10,000 parts/year.

DHF has established a very good reputation in the market with utmost precision and fast and flexible reaction to customer requirements. When needed, DHF pushes the technical limits of CNC milling, like series production of parts for electrical motors, which must be produced with tolerances down to some microns on a lathe. The parts feature bearing seats where ball bearings have to be glued in place.

With quick reaction to customer requirements as a major objective, DHF established high in-house production depth. From CAD/CAM construction to preparing wrought material (various steel and aluminum alloys and titanium), to CNC-milling, to surface finishing, assembly and quality assurance.

Production processes at DHF frequently comprise welding, engraving and marking. Techniques for marking and joining on high-precision workpieces call for the laser. Welded parts have to feature perfect, pore and crack-free weld seams, especially in medical device manufacture, which has to provide sterile hardware and calls for immaculate surface quality to eliminate any chance of bacterial colonization. The same goes for all deep engravings and markings; contours have to be free from burrs and ditches. The marking process must not induce any material changes that might promote surface corrosive action.

Until 2012, DHF had been outsourcing laser material processing jobs completely. However, outsourcing significantly reduced production flexibility and speed for certain parts and increased complexity of logistics. More than that, the annual outsourcing business volume had been reaching the six-digit range; reason enough to think about establishing an in-house laser material processing center. Being laser rookies, Fischbacher, Telser, and Heilmann initially focused on laser marking because they expected laser welding to be much more difficult to control, at least before they had their first personal laser welding experience.

The complete solution
The DHF managers decided to incorporate a laser welding system in their investment planning. That meant sending samples to various laser manufacturers and asking them for a live presentation of the laser welding process. This was not an easy task, considering the required acuteness and surface quality, namely for medical devices. Andreas Sch?llhorn (Rofin-Baasel Lasertech Starnberg) knows about the importance of an optimum presentation in the application lab. He also knows that’s just the beginning: “Medium-sized companies expect way more from us than just selling suitable laser systems. We take care of the employee’s training, help setting up the first applications and our application support provides unbureaucratic assist during the first months. If required, we even design the production room according to laser safety standards, like we did for DHF.”

Establishing an in-house laser processing center
Six months after Rofin and DHF’s first contact at the fair, a Rofin laser processing center was installed at DHF GmbH, comprised of the integrated CNC and manual laser welding system and the CombiLine Advanced marking system (Fig. 2). The laser welding workstation seamlessly integrates manual or joystick-controlled deposition welding with CNC operation (Fig. 3). It offers a cross table for workpieces of up to 500 kg weight and an additional rotary axis. The Integral was chosen because of its large working chamber, which is spacious enough to freely rotate parts of up to 400 mm in diameter.

Even today when looking back, Paul Heilmann still expresses his surprise. “We had been planning to ramp up things slowly and to backsource the laser jobs one by one. In fact external laser processing was gone within a few weeks. Today we have ready-to-use setups for some 100 marking and welding applications right at our hands.”

Laser processing for high-tech medical devices
A lengthy cooperation with Brainlab, a worldwide market leader for image-guided surgery and radiotherapy, benefitted from laser technology as well. Fischbacher says, “Frequently, we are cooperating in early product design stages. It is a big advantage to know exactly not only the possibilities of CNC milling but also of joining technology and marking, not to mention the faster manufacturing of prototypes.”

For Brainlab’s DASH (Fig. 6), DHF Precision Mechanics GmbH manufactures and assembles the iPod holder with all fixed or detachable 3D position markers and cutting devices. All pieces have to meet the sophisticated quality standards for medical devices. The entire parts set comprises 14 weld joints of precision milled parts, even of different stainless steel alloys. The mostly circular weld seams feature a width of only some 100 μm and must not show any pores or micro cracks (Fig. 7).

DHF deep-engraves the plastic iPod holder with the laser to form cavities which will be filled with a special paint. Thus, the marking is still visible when the paint slowly vanishes after numerous sterilizations.

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Semiconductor equipment

Published August 26, 2013 by gridsolarsystem

IHS has revealed that the Southeast Asian general motion controls (GMC) market is set grow to more $90 million by 2017, and the computer numerical control (CNC) motion controls market to more than $70 million, with a total CAGR of 7.5 per cent from 2012 to 2017. According to the market research company, the growth will be driven by the increasing demand for motion control products used in manufacturing, along with the gradual shift of machinery production to Southeast Asia.

If Southeast Asia were a single entity, it would rank as the eighth largest economy in the world, with a population of more than 600 million people, or 8.8 per cent of the world’s citizens. Sectors such as food and beverage and packaging machinery, which are closely tied to the booming consumer markets in Southeast Asia, will be less affected during the economic downturn and ultimately will drive demand for motion controls products, providing substantial growth opportunity.

Semiconductor equipment and electronic machinery were estimated to be the two largest industry sectors in 2012. Singapore and Malaysia are leading manufacturers of specialised semiconductor and E&E equipment, while Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam are the end-users of this equipment.

“Industry sectors such as semiconductor, electronic and electronic assembly, machine tools, packaging, rubber and plastics, accounted for more than 80 per cent of the Southeast Asian motion controls market in 2012 in terms of revenue,” said Wilmer Zhou, senior market research analyst for IHS. “These industries use many motion control products, and will continue to dominate the South East Asia motion controls market in the coming years.”

Being a cyclical industry, the electronics and electronics assembly and semiconductor markets experienced a huge decline in 2009 and 2010, following a strong rebound in 2011 and a flat year in 2012. Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most important semiconductor and electronics production bases. Rising production costs in China have shifted manufacturing and production momentum to Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, providing stability to sales of motion controls into these sectors over the long term.

Another market driver is the increasing utilisation of motion controls in automotive manufacturing and related industries, such as machine tools and plastic & rubber.

Thailand is one of the biggest automotive manufacturing centres, with 2.45 million motor vehicles produced in 2012, 68 per cent more than in 2011. Numerous well known automakers, assemblers, and parts manufacturers are located in the country, such as Ford, General Motors, BMW, Daimler-Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

Driven by the fast growth of automotive industry, demand is increasing for machine tools such as laser-cutting machines, machining centres, milling machines, drilling machines, lathes, shearing machines, and stamping and forging machines, all of which drive high demand for CNC motion controls products.

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Giovannitti calls Harris

Published August 26, 2013 by gridsolarsystem

When Ann Giovannitti is asked why she, her family members and friends bought a Gibbstown engraving business in 2008, she is quizzical.“I really have no idea,” laughs the president of Above All Engraving. “We were looking for an investment at the time, so we purchased the building and the business from the previous owner.“Of course, right after we bought it, there was the recession,” the special education teacher adds. “And this — awards, plaques, trophies — is the fluff that people cut out of their budgets first.

“Business could be better,” she says, managing a smile.Laughter and smiles are abundant at Above All as Giovannitti, her sister, mother and a childhood friend run the business.Clients include local schools and sports teams, fire and police departments, chambers of commerce and — just recently — Atlantic City’s Fashion Week.“We can engrave pretty much anything, from acrylics, glass, leather and even wood,” says Julie Harris, Ann’s younger sister. Harris is a radiology manager and CAT scan technician at a Pennsylvania medical center.

Giovannitti calls Harris “the computer whiz.”“It’s all computer-generated,” Harris explains. “We have software programs that we use to manipulate all the information, and then we send the job over to the engraving machine, which is just like a printer.“We have a diamond-cutter machine and a laser engraver. The laser is a lot more detailed, and we’ll use that to do artwork and logos.”While Harris handles the etching, the others take on different tasks. Giovannitti manages the business side — paperwork, billing and banking. Mom Rosalind DeCinque assembles the plaques and trophies, carefully measuring, spacing, taping and gluing.

She’s also head of the prayer department.“Some days it’s a challenge,” DeCinque admits, standing over a newly finished plaque. “It can be very meticulous work. And slow.“But my awards are made with love.”As for the prayers? “I just want the business to do well. How many rosaries have I said? Too numerous to count.”Lifelong family friend Maryann Wright manages the store during the day. She handles the orders that come in and the shipments that go out.

“I’ll also take care of the research when certain awards or plaques are requested. If we need to order materials or product, I’ll do that and then hand them to Julie for the engraving. And I’ll help Roz put things together.”Ann’s husband, Vince, is the guidance chairman at Paulsboro High School. He marvels at how the women have banded together to run the business.

“They just took the bull by the horns, and it’s unbelievable what they do. My wife and Julie have said that we are just not going to let this fail.“There might be some creditors chasing us,” he laughs, “but Ann always figures out a way to pay the bills.”Shirley Bierbrunner of the Woodbury Chamber of Commerce has been working with Above All Engraving “forever.”“The chamber has been using them for years, even before (Ann, et al) took over,” Bierbrunner explains.

“And they’ve been great. If we forget to place our order and then need it in a hurry, they always get it done.’’Jim Pandolfo, treasurer of the Paulsboro Community All Sports Banquet, concurs. The yearly banquet honors senior athletes, who are presented with awards crafted at Above All.“We hold our event on the Thursday before Memorial Day, and the spring sports season is still going on,” he notes. “So, sometimes we’ll drag our feet in getting the list of winners to them.

“But they always work with us and they always come through.”That persistence and determination has paid off despite missteps along the way, says Vince Giovannitti.“We made so many mistakes. From not negotiating with the seller, to buying the building and the business as opposed to just buying the business.“We made every mistake we could,” he adds.

“But I’m happy for my wife. She loves the business end of this, and we just hope and pray the store becomes more viable.”Asked how she manages to juggle the demands of being a special-ed teacher, business owner and mother of two, Ann shrugs and — you guessed it — smiles.“I don’t know. We just find the time. I’m flexible because I’m home by about 3:15 (in the afternoon). So is Vince. So if I need to come here, he’s at home.“We have Maryann here during the day and Julie can take calls at her work, so it’s been OK,” she adds. “We really do all work well together and my sister and I get along great.“I’m the oldest, which is, I guess, how I ended up being the president. I really don’t even know how that happened.

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