Pearls of wisdom

Nobody can deny that pearls are beautiful and can be used in jewellery to make stunning creations. But how much do we actually know about them? Apparently there are as many as 17 different types of pearls and these fall into three main categories – natural, cultured and imitation.

Natural pearls are very rare these days due to over harvesting in the past. For them to be formed requires a unique set of circumstances. They are formed inside molluscs, moist commonly oysters and mussels. The process begins when an irritant gets inside the shell. This could be something as small as a tiny grain of sand or little stone. In order to protect the surface inside the mollusc a secretion known as nacre is secreted around the irritant. Layer upon layer of this lustrous substance builds up and so the pearl is formed. This rather amazingly can take up to seven or eight years.

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Although there is variation amongst the species as few as one in every thousand oysters or mussels might contain a pearl. And out of these only a few will be of the right quality and texture. In terms of quantity, around three tons of oysters might only produce 3 or 4 perfect pearls. The most valuable pearls are perfectly symmetrical, relatively large and produced naturally. They shine and shimmer and have an iridescence known as orient lustre. The main oyster beds lie in the Persian Gulf, along the coasts of India and Sri Lanka, and in the Red Sea. Chinese pearls come mainly from freshwater rivers and ponds, whereas Japanese pearls are found near the coast in salt water. Freshwater pearls also occur in the rivers of Scotland, Ireland, France, and Austria. The different locations and types of water where the molluscs are found produce local variations in colour, ranging from white, to those with a hint of colour, often pink, to brown or black.

Cultured pearls as the name suggests are cultivated by human intervention. Foreign material serving the same purpose as the irritant in natural pearls, is implanted inside the mollusc. It takes 2 – 4 years for the pearls to be created in saltwater and 2 – 7 years for freshwater pearls. Either way it’s not a speedy process but perfection cannot be hurried. This method was first used in 1893. Saltwater pearls are created in a number of different colours including pink, blue, black, green and white. However to complete the perfect necklace matching colours, shades and pearl sizes can actually take years, which is why they are so expensive and highly sought after. The only way to distinguish natural pearls from cultured pearls is by the use of an x-ray. The coasts of Polynesia and Australia produce mainly cultured pearls.

Imitation pearls are man-made objects designed to look like real pearls. They can be made from a variety of materials including glass, plastic and even small pieces of mollusc shell and a number of methods are used. Coating beads with a pearlescent type substance helps to imitate the iridescence of nacre. However they can easily be identified as imitation as they lose their lustre very quickly. They are of no monetary value.

Taobao Online Shopping Festival 11.11!

Are you ready for NO.1 event of this year in the world of internet shopping?

Attention of modern progressive society was absorbed by the upcoming event in the world of online shopping! If you do not understand, what we are talking about, we remind you that November 11 there will be annual sales festival – 11.11 on Taobao! You can view taobao english site at Agreetao:

The practice of previous years shows that with each next 11.11, Taobao shops increase numbers of promotional items and the size of the discount. Whole 24 hours there will be discounts up to 90% for goods of all categories! It looks like 11.11.2016 sellers will be paying customers for purchases. =)

They say, that this year so powerful sales are expected  that even judges of the Guinness Book of Records were invited, in order to check  the sales numbers. It is also known, that in 2013 Taobao turnover exceeded $ 10 billion that day! Can you imagine that?!

And now you can try to imagine, what awaits us this year! It is understood, that event like this can’t be missed!

Since the grand sale lasts exactly 24 hours (from 00:00 to 23:59 by Beijing time), we recommend you to prepare in advance, to form your orders in advance so you save your time, because the biggest discounts will  be active exactly in that period. Taking care of our customers, we have specially prepared links where you can find the promotional items! Have a lucky purchases with Taobao FOCUS!

Easier to Make Chinese Company Check

Credit checks of Chinese companies have been made significantly easier with an online National Chinese Company Credit Information database providing free information about Chinese domestic companies to the public.

China’s State Administration of Industry and Commerce has launched the National Company Credit Information System which is an online resource that provides free information about companies to the public. This followed the Provisional Rules on Enterprise Information Disclosure act which took effect on October 1 last year. The new disclosure act require all companies, foreign and domestic in the PRC to submit annual credit reports for public disclosure via the publicly available Enterprise Credit and Information Disclosure System which can be accessed online on a real-time basis. With the new online database, anyone can simply log in and access relevant financial, asset and legal liabilities information – greatly improving financial transparency among businesses in China.

– This is good news for anyone evaluating suppliers and potential business partners in China, says Per Linden, CEO of the consulting firm Scandic Sourcing. One year ago, credit disclosure companies stopped getting access to tax reports, which made it difficult to make credit checks of Chinese companies. To get accurate info, we had to ask the companies themselves to disclose their annual audit reports, which they may or may not do. Now, the publicly available Credit and Information Disclosure System circumvents all that, and I think this is a big step towards simplifying credit checks in China.

Screenshots from the search function of the new online resource for credit disclosure which Chinese companies (and any other company operating in China) are expected to submit their financial information to.

The information companies are required to provide includes corporate registration data, record filing, chattel equity pledge registration, mortgage registration, and notably administrative penalties levied by the Chinese Administration of Industry and Commerce. Look for the latter when evaluating a potential partner or supplier; it’s an important indicator of a company’s creditworthiness and integrity that used to be confidential. The companies themselves are responsible for the authenticity and legality of the information they disclose and spot checks on the disclosed information will be conducted; third parties may report any information they suspect is false.

Companies that fail to submit their reports in time will be recorded in the directory of companies with abnormal business operations and if the company fail to fulfill their disclosure obligations within three years, they will be recorded in the directory of companies with serious illegal conduct, and their legal representative or person-in-charge will be prohibited from becoming a legal representative or person-in-charge of any other company for three years.

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What’s different Between Casual & Leisure

Casual wear is clothing that can be worn during leisure time but can also be appropriate for a casual work environment or certain activities such as club events. Leisure wear clothes are designed to be worn during leisure time.

Casual wear for women can be appropriate for wearing to work (if your employer has a casual dress code). Some apparel that are appropriate are khakis, slacks, sweaters, leather shoes and polo shirts. Things that may not be appropriate are jeans, gym shorts, T-shirts, low-cut tops and running shoes.

A persons leisure is free time spent away from business, work, household chores and school. Leisure fashion is typically not appropriate for a work environment. However, it is perfect for people that work from home.

Casual kurtis or a designer one is a must-hand semi-ethnic clothing for every Indian women’s wardrobe; it holds a special place when it comes to dressing up a little differently, yet in a traditional way. These days, kurtis have become so popular that they are combined with jeans, legging, jeggings, salwars and patiyalas to give you a traditional, modern ‘look and feel’.

There are many varieties available in the market today when we look around for designer and casual kurtis; here in this blog, we shall discuss on some of the varieties that are most popular among the rest and are easily available online.

Cotton Casual Kurtis

All through this year, the fabric – cotton has been the most preferred fabric for women when choosing casual kurtis. These kurtis are very comfortable and provide a cozy feel once worn. Cotton being a highly flexible fabric, there are a variety of designs, prints, patterns and colors available in cotton casual kurtis to choose from. Not only are cotton kurtis used for casual wear, their attractive patterns and variant colors make them a perfect outfit for various occasions.

The cotton lovers always want to flaunt in cotton designer wears, and show off their love for fashion and clothing; these women actually give in an all-new fashion statement in dinner parties and other gatherings. Cotton casual kurtis are a perfect outfit for those having long working hours, because of the highly adaptable texture and smooth, sweat free fabric.

Silk and Chiffon Kurtis

The word ‘Silk’ itself suggests auspicious occasions, weddings and celebrations; it goes with the silk designer kurtis too. Women preferring to wear kurtis for various occasions tend to choose kurtis made of silk, especially pure silk and cotton silk. These designer kurtis look glamorous, mesmerizing and royal in every color, pattern and design.

Chiffon kurtis are either designed for casual or occasional wear. Women in India may choose to wear them at any occasions from work to weddings. Chiffon casual kurtis are extremely comfortable and provide an elegant look.

Chinese Company Verification: How to Vet Suppliers

Two often I hear Buyers making supplier selections on highly arbitrary factors, primarily the responsiveness the sales rep on the other side. Such factors are largely irrelevant. A supplier selection without the right data is often the root cause of quality issues further down the road. In this article, we explain how you can perform a China Company Verification by analyzing their documentation. This procedure can be managed from your office, and doesn’t require an on site visit.

Considering it a first step of the selection procedure, as there are limitations to what can be done from a distance – as compared to more comprehensive, and far more expensive, factory audits. The ideal outcome is identifying a number of potential candidates. In this article, we look into two sets of documentation, company related documents and product related documents, and the role of buyer references and US customs data.

Company Documents

a. Business License
Every registered company, regardless of type, in Mainland China, has a business license. The business license contains key information about the company, that can tell many things about the supplier. For importers there are two parts of particular interest:
Registered Capital: All limited liability companies have a set registered capital. The registered capital amount indicates the size of the company. The more, the better – and a company with a very low amount, below RMB 500,000, is likely a trading company. Not a manufacturer. It’s hard to set a minimum limit, as it varies by industry. Watch manufacturers, for example, tend to have below RMB 1,000,000 in capital. Watch manufacturing is a low value added industry, and the need for capital (both in terms of money and machinery) is rather low. However, in other industries, say LED displays, RMB 1,000,000 is far below the minimum. I suggest that you look at the ratio, between different suppliers in a given industry, rather than fixed minimum numbers.
Business Scope: Specifies the nature of the company. For suppliers of goods, the specific type of products is listed. The business scope can be very helpful in determining whether or not you’re dealing with a ‘proper’ manufacturer, or a trader. For manufacturers, the listed products tend to be more specific, and within the same category. Also look out for terms like ‘production’ and ‘assembly’. Trading companies, on the other hand, tend to include products of very different nature (i.e. electronics, watches and textiles). If the business scope only mentions ‘wholesale’, ‘trade’ and ‘distribution’, it’s most likely a trader.
Keep in mind that the business license is only available in Chinese language. Suppliers have no reason to refuse sending a copy of their business license, but if they do, request them to share their business license / company registration number. With this number, you can access the very same information on Chinese government websites. However, the online company databases are exclusively in Chinese language.

b. Bank Account Details
Payment frauds are relatively common. That being said, confirming the supplier’s bank account details early on is not only a fraud prevention measure, but also quite telling in itself. This is what you should request:
Beneficiary Name: The company name of the bank account holder must match the supplier name. Never pay to a personal bank account, or one that is not matching the suppliers English language company name.
Country / Region: Many suppliers, especially those based in Guangdong province, hold offshore bank accounts in Hong Kong. This offshore account is almost exclusively held by an offshore company, rather than the company entity in Mainland China. Yes, it may sound complicated, but in short this means that there is no direct link between the actual manufacturer, and the seller of goods. In case of dispute, a scenario that shall never be ruled out, it’s easier for the supplier to evade responsibility.

c. Quality Management System Certificate
A Quality Management System (QMS) is a set of rules and processes for monitoring quality throughout the production line. There are various standardized protocols, with ISO 9001 being the most common. If a QMS is applied properly, the risk of defective products is vastly reduced. In order to prove compliance with a QMS, which is required by many overseas buyers, a supplier can choose to go through yearly audits. A passed audit results in the issuing of a Quality Management Certificate. This is what you should be looking for:
Product Scope: The QMS is only valid for the products / product categories listed on the certificate. This shouldn’t differ much from the products specified in the business scope.
In principle, the same checkpoints apply as for the Quality Management Certificate. But, why is Social Compliance (i.e. BSCI) and Environmental (i.e. ISO 14001) Certification relevant? Apart from the obvious ‘feel good’ factor, you should consider the following:

1. Suppliers with BSCI and ISO 14001 have often ensured compliance to attract large overseas buyers. Such suppliers are more likely to maintain high standards in both technical and managerial terms.

2. Social and Environmental Safety matters, even from a strictly commercial perspective. You don’t want to be associated with suppliers guilty of labor violation and contamination of the local environment. The Chinese government has stepped up enforcement of environmental protection laws, in the last few years, resulting in crackdowns in entire industries. Last year I had the unpleasant experience of dealing with a shipment, held by a supplier who was forced to halt operations due to said violations.

china company verification
china company verification

Things about Taobao

Taobao is the biggest consumer-to-consumer (C2C) e-commerce platform based in China. You can get clothes, accessories, gadgets and even computer hardware taobao at very low (dirt cheap) prices. However, because the website is 100% in Chinese, this may be a barrier to those who want to shop but can’t make heads or tails navigating through the shopping process.

Well, we’re here to help. Here are few things you need to know when shopping at Taobao. We’ll cover how you can navigate this Chinese site, giving you a rough idea of the feedback system, how to use us Tao Bao agent (middleman service), and other factors to consider when purchasing an item.

1. Communication & Translation
Taobao’s navigation, item listing and overall user interface is in Chinese. However you can visit the English version now, or visit Agreetao: You can sear will include English keywords on their listings so, when you search for baby clothes, cardigan and so on, , you will get some results from the search engine.

2. Get Better Search Results
Like most search engines, you can sort results based on certain criterion (filters). At Taobao, you can sort results based on: Popularity, Sales, Seller’s Reputation, Newest Additions, and Price.
Within an item’s listing, you can sometimes choose an option (color or other specifications) as shown below and you can also know the seller’s balance stock.

3. How to choosing a Reliable Taobao Seller
In Tao Bao, you need to pick an experienced seller who is trustworthy. To figure this out is to find out how many transactions they have processed, and successfully delivered. This can be viewed at the seller’s profile.
Sellers can also be ranked by buyers. The lowest ranks are hearts, followed by diamonds, blue crowns, and finally yellow crowns. A seller has to earn 5 of each rank before ascending to the next rank.

4. Understanding The Feedback System
You can also tell when they started their shop and the amount of positive feedback they received throughout that time. For us, this feedback is very reliable. Every-time you purchase please check the feedback.
However, if there are no reviews of that particular product, you can check out the seller’s overall feedback by clicking on the seller’s rating (heart, diamond or crown). Scrolling down, you’ll see the feedback given by people who have bought any of the seller’s items. This gives you a grand idea of whether the seller is trustable or not, before you purchase an item from him/her.

5.  Shipping
Most  of Taobao sellers do not ship overseas due to the language barrier and the lack of experience on the subject. Hence you need us to help you collect your item in China, you can send to our warehouse and we will do arrangement for you.

In the process of  purchase, you need to check the item is free domestic shipping service or chargeable. After the payment is made, most of the reseller will send the items within 24H or 72H.

Usually domestic shipment will take 3- 10 days to arrive warehouse house, and we will do necessary arrangement for you.

Need a scooter?

If you are looking for a good commuting option within a campus, then electric two wheel scooter that runs on battery is the way to go. The educational or residential campuses and institutes are always well maintained, and therefore it becomes a problem when everybody begins to use vehicles within these; especially if, the vehicle causes a lot of pollution and eats up road space.

Self balancing scooters that are battery operated in that way are much better. These are sleek looking, trendy and take very less space on the roads and needs little space for parking. The self balancing scooters provided by Free Feet Technology Co. Ltd., are known for their unique designs and superior quality. These self balancing scooters are loved by one and all for their user friendliness and amazing features. These are lightweight scooters can be used anywhere and everywhere. If you are looking for vehicles that take less amount of space, are easy to carry and allows you to be close to the nature then these self balancing scooters manufactured by Free Feet Technology Co. Ltd., are the best grade electric scooters you can opt for in China.

Electric scooter is now in rage; all nature friendly people are now switching from the conventional bicycles to these self balancing scooters. Since, these are considered as the best electric scooters in terms of space consumption, eco friendliness, trend and ease of use for people belonging to all ages.

You can take these self balancing scooter wherever you go and do not have to worry about commuting. With the invention in technology you no longer have to ask people around you to reach a particular place during tours and travels. If you are going out on a long drive, or if you want to go visit some place in the outskirts of the city then carry these self balancing scooters with you in your luggage or in the trunk of your car, this way you will not have to worry about taking a cab or other means of transports and paying them extra for sightseeing. All you will need is a GPS in your phone and yourself balancing scooter.

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Can I use an electric scooter in the rain?

Of course,you can.

How to ride your E-scooter in the rain?

The rainy season is here and it is pouring like cats and dogs. Most of the e-scooter drivers have this one common question in their mind and that is how to ride the e-scooter in the rain? Well, it is a valid question and today we are going to find the best answer to it. One of the main reasons why people feel afraid to drive the electric scooter in the rain is because they think that they might get an electric shock. But in actual e-scooters are perfectly safe even when it is raining.

When should you not ride the E-scooter in the rain?

The foremost important point to keep in mind is to make sure that you should never drive the electrical scooter when the visibility is less. If it is a light rain, then there is no problem but if there is a torrential downpour happening, then you should not venture outside on an e-scooter. Lack of visibility can prove to be quite harmful and hence you should make sure that proper care is being taken during heavy rains.
You should also make it a point that if there is a freezing rain happening then also you should avoid driving the e-scooter. If there are snow and rain happening then, there are chances that the tyres may slip.
Excessive rain may cause the chrome on the electric scooter to turn into rust. Excess of moisture may dampen the chrome plating. Typically, this happens if the chrome plating is of low Hence, you should always make sure that high-quality electric scooter is bought and that you can only get from reputed suppliers.

Never drive through standing water

If you see knee deep water on the road, then you should immediately stop. This stagnant water may get into the scooter and can cause extensive damage to the delicate parts. Moreover, water may lead to soil getting soft and your electric scooter can get stuck in the mud and it becomes difficult for you to get if struck.
You should keep this important thing in your mind and that is to make sure that you drive the scooter at a slow speed. Driving at high speed may cause slippages and may result into
Always wear a safety helmet while riding an electric scooter. Though these scooters can only attain a maximum speed up to 30 mph, but this much speed can prove to be deadly during rainy Hence, controlled and slow speed should always be your first priority.
Finally, never let your kids drive electric scooters on their own during the rainy It is for their safety and you must tell them to avoid driving electric scooters on their own during rains.

The real idea behind driving electric scooter is to enjoy the ride and you can only enjoy your ride by staying safe and by following all the safety precautions. Make sure to follow the points mentioned above so that you can stay safe and also enjoy the rainy season on your e-scooter.

Buying Electric Scooters in Sydney

Electric scooters have gained a certain level of popularity in Sydney, as well as other major cities in Australia.  There maybe a number of reasons for this popularity.  As a 2-wheeled vehicle, it certainly is more practical than a car particularly around the inner city, and much cheaper to run.

As a retailer of electric bikes, we would like to encourage all practical types of alternative transport.  Had all things been equal, we would have loved to sell electric scooters in our store.

The main problem, however, and it is a major show-stopper, is that the revo-type electric scooters are illegal to ride anywhere other than on private properties.  Of course would ask: “What’s the big deal?  So what it’s not legal, what is the likelihood you would get booked”

To people who think along this line of reasoning, we would impart some words of wisdom.  If you ride an electric scooter, at some point you will get booked, it’s not a matter of if, but when, and if you’re riding around the inner city, it will be sooner than you think.  When it does happen, you will be surprised, perhaps shocked that the fine will be far more substantial than you would expect.  At the very least, expect to be fined for driving an unregistered vehicle, no different to if it was an unregistered car.  Along with a number of other citations, you could be paying over $1700 in fines.

We suggest it is not worth the risk, and that a street-legal alternative like a bike or an electric scooter street legal( would serve you far better with your commuting needs.

So make a wise & informed decision that will serve you well for a long time to come.

Happy riding

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