H.A. Stiles Combines Craftsmanship and Modern Precision

H.A. Stiles, a Maine based provider of wooden turnings, has spent years honing their ability to provide customers across the country with the wood turnings needed by a number of industries. To do this, the company has worked to combine old-fashioned craftsmanship with modern tools and precision to deliver what H.A. Stiles Vice President, Steve Parrish, calls “the best of both worlds.”

Since 1911, H.A. Stiles has been a supplier of wooden turnings for use in products ranging from wooden handles and toys to the balusters and columns commonly used on exterior porches and stairs. With this in mind, Parrish explains that wooden dowels have remained an essential piece of hardware for industries everywhere, but the need for greater precision has continued to grow.

According to Parrish, the company has always been dedicated to providing high quality wood products at a competitive price. “As time passed and the capabilities available to us expanded, that commitment never changed. It just got more advanced. Today we’re capable of providing so much more, and we continue to improve on the foundation that was laid so many years ago.”

To deliver this level of flexibility, Parrish explains that H.A. Stiles has remained dedicated to continually offering more capabilities ranging from the ability to produce wooden turnings in various sizes and species of woods as well as the ability to provide a number of secondary operations. “Whether that means the ability to paint, print, cut, or provide turnings in various shapes and sizes – we’ve found that variety is key, especially when you consider the sheer number of products that incorporate wood turnings.” Recently, H.A. Stiles has also expanded available secondary services to include hardware installation, laser engraving, screen printing, finishing, branding, and more.

Thanks to these ongoing process and equipment enhancements, wood turnings from H.A. Stiles are available in a large (and growing) number of sizes, dimensions, and configurations to meet the extremely varied requirements of businesses across the country. Over the years, the list of turned wood products H.A. Stiles has provided for these businesses has continued to grow. Some of the most common products to rely on H.A. Stiles’s wooden turnings include kitchen utensils, tool handles, bats, toy parts, furniture parts, and – of course –the turned wooden columns and balusters found on porches and stairs.

H.A. Stiles was established in 1911 as a wood product supplier for both the industrial and consumer sectors by Harry Stiles in Massachusetts. Since then, H.A. Stiles has been a nationwide supplier of wood components ranging from wooden turnings, dowels, and moldings to flatwork, boxes, and more.


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