Scientific Management Techniques

Scientific Management Techniques will be delivering skill assessment machines and assessment protocol training for all sixteen technical colleges in Wisconsin this summer. The equipment and training is partially funded by the U. S. Department of Labor, Employment Training Administration’s Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grant program.

These unique programs have a proven history of improving both employment and industrial productivity across a wide variety of manufacturing platforms. The assessment machines are used globally in the hiring process and to identify specific training needs of the industrial workforce. “The assessment machines are powerful productivity tools” states Stephen Berry, President of SMT.

“The program objective is to solve the manufacturing skills shortage. The assessment program has many uses in industry; our manufacturing clients assess candidates to identify and measure the skills of potential employees. Identifying skills prior to hire is the single most effective way to ensure a quality hire and drive performance. Many clients also assess their incumbent workforce and design targeted training based on the assessment data. Delivering training based on the assessment data is exceptionally effective as you take manpower out of production only for the specific identified skills training required. The mechanical skills assessment machine, the Standard Timing Model, also identifies mechanical instinct and aptitude. Our clients use this capability when they staff apprentice programs where candidates have had no manufacturing skills training to date. Each technical college in Wisconsin will have all of these capabilities.”

“Our state’s manufacturers look to the Wisconsin Technical College System to train the highly-skilled, productive workforce that drive our economy,” said Dean Stewart, dean of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College’s Corporate Training and Economic Development. “By using SMT’s hands-on skill assessment machines to focus training on the specific needs of the manufacturing industry and our students, Wisconsin’s technical colleges are continuing efforts to close the state’s workforce skills gap.”

SMT has been delivering manufacturing skill assessments since 1970. Many of the most respected manufacturing organizations in the world use the assessment program to drive profitability by increasing the skill level of their workforce. “Our typical industrial client is a large Fortune 500 type global manufacturer” continues Berry, “When a school deploys the assessment and training program they are delivering the same program for manufacturers of all sizes in each market. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with each technical college in Wisconsin. Collectively, the effect will be to increase the skill level of the industrial workforce statewide.”

The increase in revenue was due to the sale of four 3-D printers and a laser machine, bringing revenue in that segment to $4.2 million in the quarter. There were no sales in the first quarter a year earlier. Printing revenue also was up to $3.7 million from $2.7 million a year ago.

“We continue to be very encouraged with the opportunities that present themselves for our 3-D printing capability. Nonetheless, as a global company we are subject to the vagaries of the economies in which we operate,” S. Kent Rockwell, chairman and CEO, said in a prepared statement. “The weakness in Europe has slowed the purchase decisions of our customers in that region while customer demand in Japan is clearly strengthening with the economy. And in North America, we also received our first order for an M-Flex machine in the quarter.”


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