Celebrates 20 Years of Waterjet Innovation

OMAX Corp., makers of high-precision OMAX JetMachining Centers and affordable, high-performance MAXIEM JetCutting Centers, is celebrating 20 years of continuous innovation in abrasive waterjet technology with a special event at its campus in Kent. The event will feature the latest advancements in waterjet machining as well as technical sessions, live cutting demonstrations and tours of the company’s recently expanded manufacturing factory.

Dr. John Cheung and Dr. John Olsen founded OMAX in 1993, having found a way to revolutionize the waterjet machining process. A new type of motion control technology and proprietary software allowed for the development of the first truly affordable waterjet system to offer fast, precise and consistent results. Today, OMAX Corporation continues to shape the future of waterjet machining with its diverse, highly advanced product solutions that offer the broadest range of table sizes, pumps, accessories and software on the market.

During the anniversary event, OMAX will introduce enhanced capabilities of the company’s Intelli-MAX Software Suite. In the past year alone, the company has made great strides in improving 3D part-processing operations via its intuitive Intelli-MAX Software. The company continually updates this software to further benefit its customers, offering free upgrades for as long as they own their OMAX machines. OMAX has also developed new accessories such as the Intelli-VISOR System Monitoring Package that increases the efficiency and uptime of its JetMachining Centers by overseeing the status and performance of the machines through the entire cutting process.

laser cutter

Moreover, the company’s abrasive waterjet technology provides a flexible and beneficial alternative to conventional machining operations. Abrasive waterjet machines accurately cut simple to complex shapes from virtually any material and thickness significantly faster than traditional CNC machining techniques. Furthermore, the cold-cutting process of waterjet machining eliminates thermal stress in the workpiece material, preventing the hardening and warping that often occurs during conventional cutting processes.

Last fall, OMAX completed the largest expansion of its Kent-based manufacturing campus to date. It is here the company designs, builds and supports its OMAX and MAXIEM product lines. The new 22,000-square-foot building added to the campus extends the company’s training, research and development, and engineering efforts. Currently, the campus encompasses 130,000 square feet of space spread across three buildings.

“Over the past two decades, OMAX has brought together the leading innovators and experts in abrasive waterjet technology to meet the diverse and changing needs of manufacturers across all industry segments,” states John Cheung, CEO of OMAX Corp. “And while the past 20 years have been an amazing journey, we look forward to continuing our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible technology, service, and support for growing their businesses.” Click on their website http://www.careel-laser-engraving-machine.com for more information.


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