Lithium battery selection considerations

1, lithium battery type and capacity options.
First according to their power of motor (needs real power, cycling speed will correspond to a corresponding actual power) to calculate the required current for the battery. Motor continuous current of 20A (48v 1000W motor), that requires batteries to 20A currents and temperature is very low for a long time (even if it’s 35 degrees outside in summer temperature, battery temperature is best controlled at below 50 degrees). If a 48v 20A current overpressure 1 time (96v, ecpu 3) continuous current up to 50A. If you like pressure for a long time, then please use the sustained current of 50A battery (also, note that temperature rise).
26650 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery current is not the business of the nominal battery capacity. Businesses rated c (or more shijibai AMPS) battery discharge capacity, and really in this to decentralize power, heating is very serious, if not heat, battery life will be short. (And our environment is from the battery electric vehicle battery cluster emissions, leaving no gaps, tight-lipped, let alone how to do forced air cooling). We use a very tough environment. Battery discharge current use with Derating. Evaluation of battery discharge current capacity, is to see the current battery temperature is. Here the principle is actually used only during discussed battery temperature (heat is the battery life of arch-rivals)
The best battery temperature is below 50 degrees. (20-30 degrees is best). This also means that if it is a high capacity lithium batteries (control in the 0.5C, the devolution of power), the capacity is above 40ah 20A continuous discharge current required (of course the most important thing is to see the battery internal resistance). If it is a power type lithium battery in accordance with 1C continuous discharge is normal. A123 ultra low on-resistance power type lithium battery, is usually best in 1C discharge (less than 2C as well, 2C discharge is actually only half an hour out of power, not much use). Capacity depends on car storage space size, personal spending budget, expects car activity range size, and other factors. (Small volumes generally have power type lithium battery)


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