How to assemble your favorite mini-host

With computer accessories increasingly sophisticated manufacturing process, fittings volume more narrow and increasingly lower power consumption, and performance has increased year by year, so the formation of a host even a mini HD game consoles have become a hot topic nowadays diy players. Than standard tower chassis, mini-host chassis more sophisticated choice of materials, and because the population is small, so manufacturers are not many investment products. It is precisely because players choose HD host chassis is not much, not too thick plastic feel, the chassis is too ugly. offers Wholesale Design PC Case For Samsung.Today I will tell you how to assemble a high-definition hosts.
When you select CPU I hesitated for a long time, I have been in 5600K, 5800K, 6800K torn between three U. LOL If you just play the game, the performance of the three CPU are no problem, followed by the performance of discrete graphics GT610, GT620, GT630. And finally I chose the price is more foam 6800K: 6800k is the newest AMD CPU, even if the vest version is good physique 5800K, and therefore less heat, less space for heat to build mini-host.
This is the author bought a year ago Samsung Black Knight 1600 4G bar, then bought a total of six, and the author of six-core clocked at 4.3 with 12 threads. But the well-known memory control system X58 is really x mess, it can only run default. And today, I would choose another next to its master, with A85 2133 to play its proper performance. But whether to do so, please be patient to look down.
When choosing the motherboard, the ASRock A85 between the author and Gigabyte A85 wandering away 100 difference in price. GIGABYTE A85 supports Bluetooth 4.0 and WIFI, at first glance, I feel really function GIGABYTE richer. But Taobao search you will find a high-quality Bluetooth device adapter on shipping as long as less than 50, and the wireless USB adapter is 30 shipping. So so doing Gigabyte A85 and there is no advantage. The ASRock video output interface is more complete, in addition to DVI and HDMI interface, as well as VGA port, and now many families use the old section of the monitor also supports only VGA. But I finally chose Gigabyte A85: larger first Gigabyte brand, did not have a good showing also preserve some, quality and after-sale second Gigabyte user experience should feel better after you pay.


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