How to select Portable Power Bank For Mobile Phone?

Do you want to know how to select Portable Power Bank For Mobile Phone?Here may be the answer.
1. Select Batteries: Batteries are the power of the most important part of the movement, quality batteries represents a fundamental quality mobile power products, so this is the first of several carried out. The market rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have these types of polymer batteries, aluminum batteries, steel batteries, cylindrical metal batteries (the most common is 18650 cylindrical cells), aluminum batteries primary for mobile phone batteries, steel batteries too low level of basic need, as a mobile power source is primarily polymer batteries and cylindrical batteries, relatively speaking, cylindrical batteries cost price is lower, but the performance aggregation things would have been better batteries, capacity and discharge platform and cycles are better than cylindrical, the most important thing is the safety of polymer batteries significantly better than the cylindrical batteries, polymer batteries is plastic film case, no matter what the circumstances By not explode, and the cylindrical metal shell once the batteries are charged and discharged exception is likely to explode, resulting in damage to the user’s body. This and mobile phone battery explosion, is unable to stop, only to reduce the probability of this happening. Therefore, the best choice for mobile power polymer batteries, no need to bring a mobile power bear the risk of explosion. 2. Select a power control scheme: products on the market which is basically 2 options, one is to use hardware control, simple charge and discharge, an output, an input, no battery indicator intelligent shutdown functions, since power is large, a long time without recharging may not be activated; the other is a single chip microcomputer control program is the program that can do double output different current, accurate display of power and the smart shutdown, since power is very small, do not have the product six months voltage is too low and does not occur can not be activated; so choose microcomputer control program.
3. Select brand manufacturers: those electronics market three products (even the manufacturers of the names are not) best not cheap to buy, not to mention the three products. Prices are sometimes more expensive, the capacity of these products are mostly imaginary targets, such as labeling 5000mah, actually, only about 3000mah, it is common industry practice knockoff, so consumers should keep their eyes open, do not be deceived.
4. Select the Size Weight: mobile power for a portable, high capacity but the weight and size is too large nor, in fact, moving out of the emergency power supply is used, one-sided pursuit of large capacity is not rational, but also did not have to, of course capacity nor too low, the phone will not work full time it is certainly not acceptable; in fact 4000-5000mah capacity is the most appropriate, consumers should rationally deal with this point.
5. Select Appearance and process: this is also very important, the smart phone is a strong sense of fashion technology stuff, also on behalf of the user’s taste and quality, with the use of mobile power will almost certainly be fine fashion, when in use can bring pleasant and comfortable, so choose a good appearance and technology are necessary, and no one is willing to take a big brick type stuff and cell phone with it, of course, except heterogeneous personality.


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