World’s top ten name brand watches rankings

By our previous classification of imported watches inspired small series of watches in the world today but also for a reclassification, we want to give a friend buy a new table of some reference. There are shortcomings, please experts advise, because accustomed to Rolex, IWC and other called a class table, so the quality is higher than the labor table called premium table. Classification is mainly based on the skill of the watch factory, grade price brand, without consideration of the case material.You can also buy 2015 Smartphone Watch S29 instead。
1. Extra Table: known for the production of complex menu, polished elegant, fully display table factory technical strength, brand high gold content, production is limited, the price more than $ 100,000.
2. A class First: salary level for China as a classic form.
3. a Second Class: paying for the Chinese play table.

Zenith (Zenith); KELEK; Kunlun; DANIEL ROTH; GERALD GENTA Genta; UNION (Germany); CHRONOSWISS rainbow; PANERAI Pei to sea; Omega; Du Xiao Deng; EBEL Ebel.

Note 1: Many of the same brand products are different, so the proportion of their distinction as a premium in order to explain the complexity of the menu Kyo, and a substantial proportion of complex functions in its products, or to standard polished movement, brand positioning high . Such as Athens, Franck Muller Even though the general section ETA2892 basis but does not affect the overall image. Glashütte introduced several tourbillon, retrograde countdown, have emerged after the double gooseneck trimming movement GUB39 movement ordinary image, with LANGE Ting anti-minute ceremony.

IWC also known complexity of the menu, but most of its products are relatively common, so as a class of one, the plot empathy. Chopard LUC its own because it has a core of high-grade jewelry table at the same time so out of a class of one. Zenith could have been higher, but needs a new president of effort. KELEK technology is premium, the movement material is second-class. DANIELROTH by design. GERALD GENTA Notwithstanding the complex limited edition, after all, not the mainstream. UNION movement with polished general, but also complex features all its own core models. Rainbow Movement ordinary, but creative and skill, the new single button chronograph watch and Na Ruishi magazine awards, promising, among a class can. Omega originally only be considered second-class, and 3303 with coaxial escapement movement can get into a class. Ebel relied quite own chronograph movement.


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