Verifying China Company Imformation

How to verify China company registration number? I think many people were confusing with this question. When the ntional economy has developed so fast, making sure of your partner’imformation is so important. Here are some other steps you can take to verify china company imformation:

1. Use all the contact information given to you. Call all the phone numbers and send messages to all the e-mail addresses to make sure they are all working and are being used. Also, use an online map search to determine if the address of the company is in existence.
If the company does not give you contact information, or ask you to submit a form in order to contact it, do not use the company.

2. If prices are too low to logically support production or just too good to be true, then the company is probably selling fakes. Avoid this company!

3. Chinese companies should always let you order merchandise through Letters of Credit and allow deliveries to be made by formal companies. Be wary of companies that only accept TT or Western Union payments and only ship through generic postal services.

It may seem cut and dry, but you could always visit the company yourself and verify if it is legitimate. There are also companies you can hire that will do the same thing if you are not operating out of China.

LegalMall’s services include: Company verifications, Certificate verifications, Legal documentation, Business registrations, Sourcing, Post-incorporation services, Factory audits, Specialised legal services.

china company information
china company information

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